Thursday, 13 October 2016

Good Night Wishes For Office Girlfriend

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At night time we can share good night messages for each other and at this time every boy has Girlfriend. So night time every boy can send message for your Girlfriend.

Good Night Wishes For Office Girlfriend:

Sometimes a guy needs to spend time with other guys, focus on work or go on a planned outing. During these times your boyfriend may need some space, especially if he has already discussed his plans with you before hand.

Many men find their girlfriends or partners annoying at times because they are constantly bothering them when they are away, which tempts guys to ignore calls or avoid contact when they are on outings. The worst thing a girl can to do is make a guy feel as if he cannot enjoy himself when he gets a chance to go out.

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Making a guy feel as if his time is not valuable may leave him feeling like he has a reason to end the relationship. Follow these steps to ensure that you do not become bothersome to your boyfriend.


Memorize your boyfriend's schedule
so you will know when he is free at work or not.
If you know his schedule, you will know when he is on break and available for you to call him. Knowing his schedule will keep you from bothering him during his work hours or when he is busy. Some women tend to bother their boyfriends by calling them during their work hours to talk about nothing of importance. You should not call your boyfriend when he's at work unless it's an emergency. Other activities that you should not interrupt are college courses, and sports practices. If you know that your boyfriend is fully engaged in an activity, it is best not to contact him at that time. Wait until later to talk to him about whatever is important for you to discuss. When you call too often, you begin to become bothersome to your boyfriend, especially if you know that he is busy, and you call anyway. Switch places in your mind: what if you were busy with something important and your boyfriend continued to call, even when you let him know you were busy. It would annoy you as well. It is likely to annoy anyone. If the situation continues without any sign of change, it could lead to a break up.

Figure out when he is available to be called.
He will be willing to share his schedule if he knows that you will respect his time. He can also let you know when your calls will be appreciated.
It can also be frustrating for you to show up unexpectedly and uninvited to work or an event where he needs to focus without distraction.
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Your presence may make it difficult for him to focus on the task at hand. He may be too busy to visit with you and then you will both feel bad. Even worse, popping up unannounced might make him feel that you are watching him or making sure that he is where he says he will be. The last thing a guy wants is his girlfriend, as well as his mother, checking up on him all the time. Trust in a relationship is important to a guy. Ask if he would like you to pop in for a visit and when the best time to do so would be. This way, he will be expecting your presence or a phone call from you when he is doing whatever he is doing at the time. Use common sense when figuring out when to call your boyfriend. For example, if he is going to a game in the morning, the best time to call him is the evening. Another time to avoid calling anyone is late at night when it is time to prepare to sleep. Aside from breaks in his schedule, ask your boyfriend when he has time off, or when he has some down time to talk. There may be other times he is available throughout the week.
Understand that your boyfriend may not want to tell you when you can call him.
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Do not take this as the sign that he is cheating, but a sign that he just wants some space to have fun or get work done. When you ask him, be sure to let him know you are only asking him about his schedule so you will not bother him by calling at a bad time. Most men will agree and let you know, but some guys will feel offended that you are asking about times to call them and about their schedule. A guy is entitled to have a little free time and the ability to do things without you. If he chooses not to tell you, do not continue to ask or beg him to tell you. Avoid arguing with him over the situation. Let it rest. In this situation you will have to determine on your own when it's a good time to call him. This works both ways. If he does not wish to share this information with you, then you also have the same opportunity not to share your schedule with him.
Do not be insecure about him when he is out and about doing his thing throughout the day.
If this is the reason you want to call him over and over again then you will need to deal with your insecurities before you can even think about continuing the relationship. If he has not done anything to earn your mistrust, then you need to admit that this issue is within you, and only you can fix it. If the problem lies with something that your boyfriend has done in the past, then you will need to talk to him about this situation. Continuing with these insecurities will hurt the relationship and also make him feel as if you are smothering him, which is never a good thing for a guy to experience in a relationship. To ease your fears and insecurities look to what you know about his daily activities to reassure yourself that everything is okay in the relationship. If you know his schedule then this should help you tone down your concerns about what your boyfriend is doing, and also help you to choose the best time to call him to talk. If you still feel as if you don't trust him in the relationship, then you should seriously think about why you are in a relationship with him.